A walk in historic The Hague

The Hague is an international city with a rich history. In the time of the Republic, in the 17th and 18th centuries, British and French visitors wrote about this beautiful city. The stories of these eyewitnesses serve as a guide for this walk in The Hague.

Their observations make this book special. They describe the buildings and way of life of the people at that time. With often funny or sarcastic comments on the Dutch and their character. But also with stories about traveling in a tow barge, about art, peat, charity and taxes.

One writer tells us, for example, that after their return to palace Huis ten Bosch, members of the House of Orange used the bedding of King Louis Napoleon, who had just been expelled.
To another English visitor, Dutch men and women looked so much alike, that he could only distinguish them by taking them to bed together.

During the walk we pass by places where Van Gogh, Spinoza, young Mozart and old Karl Marx once resided. With many lesser-known stories and facts.

Outside the center of The Hague, there are walks to Scheveningen and the beach, Voorburg and the wood of the Hague, the ‘Haagse Bos’.

This colorful guidebook is illustrated with photo’s and18th century pictures of the people, buildings and canals of The Hague.
A great way to see the city for visitors, expats and others.

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